An Ultimate Training Guide of Climbing


The goal of this book is  to explore all the topics relevant to increasing the effectiveness of your training and the quality of your climbing. As a climber of more than a quarter century (who’s been fortunate enough to meet and climb with many brilliant indi-viduals), I feel the journey should begin with a primer on the history of training for rock climbing. Clearly, the advancements we make today are possible only because we are standing on the shoulders of the giants who preceded us. Next, we’ll explore the Interesting subject of genetics and the possible genetic limitations to  climbing performance. This leads  us  into  an overview of training for climbing and the things you should consider in your quest for the biggest gains in performance in the shortest possible time.


Ultimate Training of Climbing

Many words can describe the wonderful activity of rock climbing-elegant, powerful, rewarding, and, Sometimes, frustrating. While there may be nothing  more natural and intuitive  than climbing must watch how children climb around on everything in sight!), rock climbing is indeed a complex activity with demands unique from those of living and playing in the everyday, horizontal world.

Performing in the vertical plane requires physical capabilities such as strength, power, and endurance. It also demands the development of technical skills such as balance and economic movement while ripping and stepping in an infinite variety of ways, positions, and angles. Most important,  the  inherent stress of climbing away from the safety of the ground requires acute control of your thoughts,  focus,  anxiety, and fears.  In aggregate, the above factors  dovetail into what may be one of the more complex sporting activ-ities on this third rock from the sun.



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